Liquidating things can be complicated, very detailed, and stressful. Most often our clients are dealing with the death of a loved one, downsizing, moving, merging households, or closing their business. Our service makes this emotional event much easier for you. If our services don’t meet your needs, we do our best to refer you to other sources for liquidation.

Sorting and setting up can usually be done in less than a week depending upon the size of the estate. The actual sale takes two to four days; however, we are willing to work under any circumstances and will do all we can to work within your time limits.

Your absence allows our staff to come in and do their work more quickly and professionally. We have found that it can sometimes be unsettling to see your family’s things being sold and most likely you will be uncomfortable there. Also, buyers tend to be intimidated by your presence.

Relax and let us take care of this tedious process for you. Many people inadvertently throw away what they consider to be “useless junk” not knowing that it could be worth thousands of dollars in various markets (i.e. antiques and collectables). We can share some great stories with you about our unexpected and amazing finds.

Our service fee varies based on your specific needs and will be taken from the gross sales. This fee includes all of your advertising. You will be given a categorized list of items that sold and your sale proceeds within ten business days from the last date of the sale.

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to price each item for today’s market and our area. We also provide you with additional research on unique, highly collectable, antique, or rare items. Items are not typically discounted on the first day of your sale. Our contract with you will include, if needed, terms in which you can specify how aggressive the pricing will be.


Michael Taylor Estate Sales has built a reputation of transparency based on years of customer service and a commitment to taking care of their clients. To help with that further, here are our policies for your consideration and review.

All purchased items must be picked up by the customer by the close of the last day of the given sale. Please note that sale hours may vary so please consult the posted hours. If you have any questions, please ask one of our helpful staff.

Large furniture items, such as breakfronts, etc., should be picked up by the customer on the day of purchase at the close of the posted sale hours for that day rather than during the sale itself. Please discuss with our helpful staff regarding making these arrangements at the time of purchase.

Our staff does not provide any lifting or loading services. The customer is responsible for moving purchased items, and we encourage you to contact your preferred mover. We do have recommendations available on request, however Michael Taylor Estate Sales does not officially endorse these companies or their services.

All purchases made from Michael Taylor Estate Sales are final, and returns of merchandise are not accepted for any reason or under any circumstances. We take great care to display items clearly and with transparency. Please inspect items thoroughly before purchase.

We accept credit and debit card payments with Visa, Mastercard, and Discover via Square. For purchases of $20 or less, cash payment is required.

All calls to our office at 615.545.2867 will be returned by our staff in a timely manner. Please note that any calls to the office or messages left on a Saturday will be returned beginning the next business day in the order that they were received.

If you need more information, please reach out to us directly at taylor.co@comcast.net or by calling us at 615.545.2867. One of our knowledgeable and helpful staff members will be in touch to see how we can best meet your individual needs.