Dear Michael,

“I just attended a sale at Glen Hill Drive. The presentation was excellent. The items were neatly priced and arranged and displayed in a most professional manner. When my mother departs, I will remember your firm to help us with the sale of her belongings.

The very best thing about your company is the excellent people who work for you! The ladies were all very nice, but I really enjoyed meeting Carl! He was so helpful and considerate! I hope the sale does well and is a great success.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks again for Carl, he made my day!”

B Powell


“Thank you for looking into it for us. Labor Day will mean a lot of slow movement as people enjoy the last of summer. I’m sure you will continue to be busy as your customers hold you all in high regard.

My cousin, Dr. Taylor of Nashville, frequents Micheal’s sales and always speaks highly of the events and staff. I’m glad she confirmed my first impressions in July.

Jeff is just amazing. He could manage most anything and is always so pleasant.”

It’s been a pleasure,
L Chapman


“Just wanted to let you know that I was at a sale this past weekend in Hendersonville and Alan went above and beyond to help me. A part of a toy fell behind a big piece of furniture and I could not get to it. He was very nice and professional and got the piece for me.”

Great help is hard to find!! He is a keeper!!!,
T Garrett